July 8, 2014

Pale sparrow youngsters are congregating in the grass, rising up as much as their wings will let them. They zoom or coast to the highest branches they can reach, now usually the lower ones.

Pollinators: two big black furry bees, yay, on some tall purple stalk I can’t name now . Some reddish bees, more than the black furry ones, not as many as I would like. These are on any stalky flower, some of the ones that look like they mostly reside in ditches — they look dusty. A few white skipper butterflies and  yellow butteflies with thin black trim, (two of these in the past two weeks).

Three milkweeds! In the garden near DeKalb. They’re young, yet, the flowers are all knobby. Also some cuppy, flower, lavender and white, long thorns on the stems. A rambling, roundish plant.

July is clearly not dandelion season. A few yellows, a few white seedheads, as opposed to May when the park should be renamed Dandelion Fields. Lots of plantains, though, some quite large.

Fireflies are here. I saw one on South Oxford Street last night. My husband saw one on Washington Place.