Green and Growing

Everything is growing big in Fort Green Park right now. Most of the coneflowers’ petals have  already become pink tutus.The copper beach tree has spread a huge reddish brown tent of leaves. There were masses of dingy white clover blossoms and the occasional blue chicory flower until the mowers came last week. Strings of grass arch and wave in the places the mower has not reached.

This is what I see these summer mornings.

And then there’s the sauntering of legs and arms, the paddling and loping of paws, the seeking out of shade on the hill. Every few minutes there’s a bark and a chorus of barks, dogs running, dogs lying down and panting, dogs begging for treats. Some people have treats, most don’t. Those people say, “Sorry,” while the dogs are still looking up at them.

A black butterfly flips from branch to branch of the rugosa roses by the tennis courts.

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  1. leagpage
    Jul 06, 2013 @ 14:57:06



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