Walking the Dog in Ft. Green Park

This is about things that happen in Fort Green Park. Usually I’m there with my daughter’s 14-pound tawny Havanese during off-leash hours, when dogs have some rights.  Our  dog follows big dogs to make sure they stay out of his territory. He looks like a cross between a cuddly bear and a lion, with a mane fully covering every inch. I only mention his dog-button nose and a perky trot because,  by most accounts, he is so cute. He has been known to snarl and snap snortful blasts at overnosing dogs and to snuggle up to almost any human he meets.  I try for an hour-long walk every morning, including a daily visit with the small-dog-group on the hill. He’s more relaxed with dogs than he used to be, but even with these small dogs, he’s prone to let the others pounce on heads and grab balls while he watches or wanders among them. He’s ready to leave the group at the snap of a finger. Trotting, he stops often, sniffing and peeing out his signals. Wherever we are at 9:00am I go on alert: the park rangers may or may not turn up, with or without bullhorn or car, to enforce the end of off-leash hours. The humans delay attaching leashes, prolonging freedom for as long as they think they can outsmart the rangers. No one wants a $100 ticket. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the park without worrying about snarls and poop, the trees and the people can tell lots of stories,  but  it’s usually better when the dog is roaming on the grass between and under the big old trees.

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